I’m the mischievous-looking one; third of four.

Education Background

I started in theWaldorf School, which is partly to blame for my addiction to materiality and form. I studied Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology at Emory University and prepared for a career in medicine, before turning to global health and later interaction design which I’m currently studying in New York at the School of Visual Arts MFA in Interaction Design.

Current Interests

I’m an obsessive documenter of human behavior and interactions with computers, brands, and other humans. I catalogue some observations on Counter Service and Gadbaw.tumblr.com. I’m also interested in video, social objects, physical computing, and critical design at large.

Next Steps

I’m seeking a human factors or design research position in a product-focused company or consultancy that understands innovation in practice, has the bravery to allow for an entrepreneurial approach to problem solving, and the faith that research can inspire and inform the design process. If I weren’t pursuing a career in interaction design I would spend my time here.


System modeling, roundtables, interviews, surveys, field research, ecology mapping, user journeys, card sorting, personas, feature road-mapping, usability.

You can find me on…