T-Shaped People

December 4, 2010

I’ve been preoccupied lately with Tim Brown’s description of T-shaped people, the backbone of IDEO’s culture. He describes them as follows: T-shaped people have two kinds of characteristics, hence the use of the letter “T” to describe them. The vertical stroke of the “T” is a depth of skill that allows them to contribute to […]

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Dream Job

September 30, 2010

A current trend in music is the creation of “mashups.” What’s a mashup, you ask? This is a mashup. All the young kids are doing it. Anyway, the same thing is happening in design and web development. Products that revolve around pixels, 0’s and 1’s, and information make reproducing an innovative idea very easy. Some […]

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Design Thinking

August 11, 2009

In August Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO, shared some of his recent thinking around the idea of Design Thinking to the audience at TED. I think it has interesting implications for the role of the individual designer. He references Roger Martin, from the Toronto Business School, who pioneered the concept of the art of integrative […]

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GE Takes Viral to the Next Level

May 8, 2009

I’ve admired GE’s website for some time. It’s use of white space and minimalist design paired with rich video, photography, and copy is matched only by equally beautiful demonstrations of the style such as apple.com. Recently, with an image recognition program utilizing the webcam, they done added something else beautiful and fabulous. You really have […]

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Craft vs. Industry

May 5, 2009

Scott Thomas probably didn’t realize he would play a part in the election of the 44th president of the United States when he began practicing design, yet he did. When I think about what career I would like to pursue, it’s easy to confuse the impact I would like to have on the world with […]

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