Public Interfaces with Jake Barton and Ian Curry


This project is part of my MFA thesis and an exercise in designing social objects, artifacts that encourage social discourse around shared experiences.

“In a physical setting, I’ve found that successful social objects tend to be provocative, relational, active, or personal. Dogs and stuck elevators are social objects. Exhibits that visitors point at or photograph themselves with are social objects. Exhibits that ask visitors to work together or compete are social objects. Social objects help us connect with others, and they become focal points for conversations with friends and strangers alike.”
– Nina Simon


I wanted to create a critical design object that leaves the meaning making up to the person using the piece. For this reason, I included no instructions on the boxes which lived in the MFA Interaction Design studio for a week so that I could observe interactions with them. The functionality itself and form are intended to lead to a discourse around the uses for the piece.

Below is a short film meant to create a story around the piece and display it’s basic functionality.


The Noun Project, Alicia at Canal Street Plastics; Jeff at Arties; Track by Nosaj Thing.

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