Overview – In 2009 Blue Rooster needed a better way to showcase our work and communicate our message. We designed a new website built on SharePoint as well as a tagline to message our company’s approach.

Role – Research, Strategy, UX, Visual Design

bluerooster.com homepage

Fig. 1 Redesigned Blue Rooster site homepage

Featured work secondary page

About secondary page

Fig 2. New business cards

We implemented the new tagline on our business cards, direct mail, website, and trade-show booth.

We treated the site redesign as if we were the client, looking inward at how we wanted to be perceived as well as around us at our local and national competitors. Using data from Allexa, snapshots of the messaging other companies were using to describe their expertise, and a look at the structure of our own site, we had a good basis to design our new site.

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