Overview – The Pacific Health Summit (www.pacifichealthsummit.org) is an annual, $1.7 million, invitation-only event that convenes 250 international scholars, private sector executives, health leaders, and policymakers in Seattle to discuss how to improve human health world-wide.

Role – Print design, art direction, writing & editing, research

Fig. 1 Margaret Chan, Director-General, WHO, 2008 Pacific Health Summit

Process – Through digital and print materials we created an integrated visual language for the Pacific Health Summit brand based on clean typography, bold use of color, and authentic, engaging imagery.

Fig. 2 (right) Co-Presenting Organizations; (left) Featured attendees - clockwise from top: Yu Wang, Christine Gregoir, Craig MundieDerek Yach, Chris Viehbacher, Margaret Chan, Paul Farmer, Tachi Yamada, Lee Hartwell, Philip Campbell)

Fig 3. 2008 Summit Report and conference guide with chapters

Working with photographers and partnering organizations such as PATH, The Micronutrient Initiative, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and RTBI, we collected a library of photography that allowed us to weave the Pacific Health Summit together with the real-world stakeholders—the underserved affected most by the health issues being discussed. We also curated theme-based photography exhibits to give context the discussions: in 2008 Peter Menzel, author of “Hungry Planet: What the World Eats,” and in 2009 documentary photographer James Nachtwey

Fig. 4 2008 Summit Report

Workshop Report - Undernutrition: Creating New Responses

Fig. 4 Intermediate Workshop Report (English and Japanese translations)

Summit Identity

Fig. 5 Summit letterhead and business card redesign.

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