Steel Bowl

Overview: This bowl was constructed at the Pratt Fine Arts Center in Seattle during an introductory welding course.

Process: I built the piece using steal plates and an oxyacetylene torch. The shape is largely determined by the hexagonal base; the six sides flare out at 70 degree angles from the base. After welding the pieces and sanding the edges, I sandblasted the entire bowl then applied a slate black patina. To create the textured rust appearance on the inside of the bowl I heating the metal after applying the patina.

bowl detail

Fig. 10 Earth Worm, steel, blue LED, and sandblasted plexiglass, 2009

Fig. 11 Identity Box, 2007

Fig. 12 Mr. Potato, styrofoam, plaster, paint, 2007

Fig. 13 Booty Cast, plaster, 2007

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