OverviewTalkstandards.com is site we created for the Center for European Law and Economics (CELEC) which “serves as an online community where developers, researchers, policymakers and other interested parties can share ideas and collaborate on the global standards system.”

Role – UX, Visual Design

Fig. 1 Talkstandards homepage

Fig. 1 Talkstandards homepage

Process – CELEC needed a digital space where thought leaders could share research and engage in informal discussion. In addition they wanted a platform for “events” – digital and in-person conferences where participants would meet and discuss, in real-time. Using built-in wordpress blogging features and custom design, we created talkstandards.com.

Fig. 2 UX Design

The information architecture was informed by the three principle categories of interaction which we organized into Articles (formal research), Blogs (informal discussion), and Events (real-time, digital or in-person meetings). Using wordpress tagging, we allowed users to organize articles by topics. Thus when a live event occurred (and in the weeks leading up to a live event), relevant articles were aggregated and displayed on the all-up events page.

Fig. 3 Events page

Taking a tip from journalistic sites such as A List Apart, as well as major news outlets, we created a design using muted tones and magazine-style typography to give the site an atmosphere of scholarship.

Fig. 4 Event detail page

Fig. 5 Article page

Fig. 6 Profile page

View the site at talkstandards.com.

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