Overview: Below is selection of visual art from the past decade. All the paintings and sketches were created en plein air and using live models.

Role: Creator.

Fig 1. Self Portrait, acrylic on canvas, 2003

Fig. 2 Nude Lounging, conté crayon on paper, 2003

Fig. 3 Potomac River, acrylic on canvas, 2004

Fig. 4 Self-portrait, charcoal on paper, 2008

Fig. 5 Self-portrait, acrylic on canvas, 2008

Fig. 6 National Cathedral, acrylic on canvas, 2002

Fig. 7 Nude on Ladder, conté crayon on paper, 2001

Fig. 8 Nude Study #4, charcoal on paper, 2004

Fig. 9 Nude Study #6, charcoal on paper, 2004

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